Packaging - Branding - Illustration


In Scout, I lead a team of designers for a semester. We worked with Jerry Spatch on the design of Vers, a game he created. Vers: The Rap Game is a card game that provides all the tools you need to learn how to freestyle rap. Vers is comitted to helping people understand that freestyle rapping is for anyone. It's a game for all ages and demographics. 

Vers gives you three words that rhyme on the base cards and simple, random words on the category cards (see cards with cat). Then it's up to the player to make the game their own and have a good time. There are few rules, and the game's philosophy encourages a community of sharing, acceptance and self-expression.

Our challenge was to foster this inclusive attitude through design. By getting creative in the unpredictable combination of elements on the cards (milk cartons flying over turtles) we created a relaxed and fun atmosphere, encouraging the players to let loose. We had a lot of fun on this project, pushing the limits of our imagination and using a variety of mediums and techniques to create a quirky, unique visual system.