Design: The Invention of Desire

Editorial Design


As part of my wonderful experience at the Porto Design Summer School we were asked to redesign a section of Jessica Helfand's latest publication Design: The Invention of Desire. Jessica, who was one of the tutors of the course, assigned one of the twelve chapters to each student, and we were tasked to design a cover, front matter, table of contents, divider and to typeset our chapter. My chapter was Desire.

The book is about the essence of design. It situates design at both a larger and more human scale: how designers generate desire by creating relationships between consumers and objects. The challenge was how to communicate content in an original way while staying true to it. My take on this was to create a graphic pairing of outlined visuals on backgrounds of rich colors. I wanted to explore the language of value and thought of the tag as a visual marker of desire. I decided this system would be more effective if I came up with imagery for all twelve chapters. These images became dividers and created an entryway for the reader into each new chapter. 










Photos: Victoria Romulo