In the context of a Brand&Identity course, I was paired with a group from a business class and together we were tasked to produce a strong, viable product to put on the market. We were assigned a product that we were then to name, brand and position on the market.

Originally our product was a timer-regulated multi-port charger that would prevent over-charging.  We brainstormed branding possibilities and realized the product was limiting so veered towards another market, that of sleep and wellness. Soon we came up with Nocturn, a premium nightlight with customizable dimming and sleep sound settings, all regulated through an app. 


We put time and effort into the things we value, anything ranging from our relationships to our job search. I wouldn't expect to get a job if I came to an interview unprepared. Why, then, do I expect to get a good night's sleep if I don't put any time or effort into its preparation?

Nocturn brings attention to this transitory moment at the end of our days, that is so often overlooked. Good sleep takes a conscious effort and it's important to take the time to wind down at the end of a busy, hyper-connected day. 

Nocturn is a product we chose to approach with an elegant and gender-neutral design. A product  that enhances our home, sleep and overall well being. The flowy lines we used as a fifth element were inspired by rem cycles. The brainwaves appear curved and as one progresses into sleep they grow flatter and smoother.