Mouthful of Memories

Editorial Design –– Editing


The idea was to design a book about food that was not a recipe book or nutrition-related but that focused on the pleasure and shared experiences that food can provide. I was raised in France where food habits and traditions are taken very seriously. Marking a break at 4pm to indulge in a "goûter" - an afternoon snack - is part of what it means to be a child in France. Food-centered nostalgia is a phenomenon all over the world and often the simplest preparations can carry the most powerful symbolism and sense of identity.

I sent out this form to people from different countries and different generations who I suspected would have good stories and new perspectives to share. I was lucky to receive stories of food from around the world which I proceeded to recreate in my ill-equipped Boston apartment and then photograph. I kept photos of the stained paper towels from each messy preparation and used them in my table of content and cover. Mouthful of Memories elicits an emotional response by pairing the authenticity of their deeply rooted memories with the sincerity of my realization.



Photos: Victoria Romulo