Leaving Concerta


Information Design - Data Visualization


At the end of 2016 I decided to stop taking Concerta, the amphetamine that treats ADHD which I was prescribed when I was 16 and had been taking regularly for over 6 years. Concerta provided me with an illusion of productivity, intensity and stamina in my work, but I decided I needed to discover my authentic productivity, independent of any stimulant.

When I had tried to stop taking it in the past I found my low energy levels and fatigue interfered with my desired levels of activity and performance. Now my objective is to find energy elsewhere. I stopped taking Concerta on January 11th and have been tracking my progress via the collection of personal data every day since. The form I designed and have been filling out helps me keep track of different parameters, ranging from my sleep patterns, snack habits, and concentration levels. I am now in the process of translating this complex data into a simple and visually rich graphic system that can be displayed and shared. I will be presenting the final version of this project on April 20th alongside four other upperclassmen from CAMD. We were given the opportunity to design a semester-long independent study with a professor which we will present in front of a jury in the hope of earning an Honors distinction on our transcript when we graduate.


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